I will help you during the writing process and help you to create the best melodies and arrangements for your songs to take your music to the next step in the best way possible.


Precise, careful and accurate recording sessions are the basic of this step. I’ll give you all my experience, attention and professionality to record your songs to achieve your ideas.


During this process, a source’s volume level, frequency content, dynamics, and panoramic position are manipulated and or enhanced. Also, effects such reverb and delay may be added. This is a creative treatment and i’ll process and work on each recorded track to produce a finished version that is appealing to you and your listeners.


The last step of a full recording production. I’ll apply corrective equalization and dynamic compression in order to optimize sound translation on all playback systems. Your music will sound more polished and consistent. Also i will create the files you need for print and distribution.


  1. Strummerland DEAD POLLYS (PUNK ROCK) 4:22
  2. Recorded at 456 Recordings I, ASSAILANT (REAMP/MIX/MASTER) (POST HARDCORE) 3:56
  3. Recorded at 456 Recordings DUNGBLASTER (REAMP/MIX/MASTER) (METALCORE) 3:42
  4. Straight Eggs OWN PAW THEE DIE (STONER ROCK) 5:04
  5. Animal Behaviour PENNY WAS RIGHT ( PUNK ROCK) 3:18
  6. Looking For You OUT IN STYLE (SKATEPUNK) 2:46
  7. One Fast Move Or I'm Gone feat. Nick Diener MY DINOSAUR LIFE (POP PUNK) 4:58
  8. Screams Of Lies FANKAZ (HARDCORE PUNK) 2:49
  10. Fuck Racism DAMN CITY (HARDCORE) 3:58
  11. Recorded at 456 Recordings PALYMRA (REAMP/MIX/MASTER) (DEATHCORE) 3:27
  12. Recorded at 456 Recordings STANDALONE COMPLEX (REAMP/MIX/MASTER) (DJENT) 3:18
  13. Recorded at 456 Recordings ALCHEMY INDEX (REAMP/MIX/MASTER) (POST-HARDCORE) 4:47